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To highly personalized college consulting.

Every college-bound student has a unique story. 

Let us help you discover yours.

Which college is right for me?

How do I navigate the application process?

How can I make my essays shine?


We help students identify the college environment in which they will thrive, discover schools that embody that environment, and bring their strengths and personalities to life in applications and essays.


Let's get started.

Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute phone conversation.

Lauren Joyce

Independent College Consultant

Phone: (415) 302 - 5525


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Lauren Joyce, Founder

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I bring a unique set of experiences to my work with students and their families. I spent over twenty years as a marketing executive, working for companies including Charles Schwab, AAA, Smith Barney, and Varian Medical Systems. I acted as a marketing strategist and researcher, copywriter and editor, project manager, client relationship manager, competitive analyst, and hiring manager. 


I use these same skills every day helping students. Paired with my years of volunteering as a college consultant, and earning my certificate in education consulting, I am  uniquely positioned to help students find their true voice and ideal path.​  >> More

Certified Independent Educational Consultant and Member of:

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